Investment Climate

Ukraine’s investment climate has been historically marked by ever-changing business environment and great variance between official statistics and actual conditions. Ukrainian currency Hryvnya lost 70% of its value between 2014 and 2015 but stays stable and even regained a few percent of its value despite forecasts. The market is expected to regain further with real economy sectors recovering and a rich harvest of over 70 million tons expected by the Ukrainian farmers.

ukraine_black_soilNew transparency and monetary reserves requirements set by the restructured National Bank led to the cleaning up of insolvent banks and financial institutions with shady ownership structures. This re-shaping of the banking sector led to more dynamic small-scale domestic investments of the real sectors of economy showing best export trade prospects. Agricultural food, alternative energy and IT projects have been the main recipients.

Ukraine’s reformist government and civil society groups have been introducing promising reforms over the past years aiming to ease the business climate and further attract investors. With more yet to be achieved, the country’s ease of doing business index has been marked by positive trends that have been noticed by the Doing Business Rating by the WorldBank.