Opportunities in Ukraine: EURO-2012 and beyond

On the May 13th, teh UEFA named four Polish and four Ukrainian cities as venues which will host the EURO-2012, the European football championship. Yet,  the Ukrainian government is hasitating to capitalize on the opportunity, many Ukrainian football fans admit. Ukraine will have to meet very demanding expectations as for the conditions of the infrastructure of the Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, if it wants to host the EURO-2012 final match. Continue reading “Opportunities in Ukraine: EURO-2012 and beyond”

Europe isn’t getting any closer

Europe has built a new iron curtain on the Polish-Ukrainian border. While Ukraine lifted visa requirement for EU nationals back in 2005, most of the Ukrainians still have to go through humiliating procedure of visa application, interviewing and, yet, about 20% of the Ukrainians get refused their chance to visit Europe’s Schengen zone or any of the individual EU member states.

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