Agricultural land investment in Ukraine

agricultural_fields_ukraineAgricultural land in Ukraine is one of the best mid and long-term investment opportunities in the world. Ukraine’s diverse farming climatic zones provide an exceptional opportunity for fully-diversified, complete-cycle farming ventures with livestock, seed production, premium field crops and row crops production of export-scale agri commodities volumes, feed harvests, and farm-to-fork foods. No1 in sunflower oil and one of the global leaders in corn, soya, wheat, barley, sugar, honey, chicken meat and eggs, Ukraine has a huge potential to lead in beef, lamb and pork, dairy products and superfoods. Continue reading “Agricultural land investment in Ukraine”

Rezidor, Accor and InterContinental to expand in Ukraine

accor-rezidor-intercontinentalThe EURO-2012 plans push up Ukrainian horeca industry towards aggressive expansion. With over 300 hotels that need to be built by 2012, now three world-renown hotel chains plan to build over 40 Western-style hotels in Ukraine during the next few years. Belgium’s Rezidor Hotel Group, France’s Accor and the American InterContinental Hotels Group have now started working on nine projects, with three more to begin in 2009. Continue reading “Rezidor, Accor and InterContinental to expand in Ukraine”

High demand igniting suburban real estate surge

In recent years, Ukrainians seeking to live in the nation’s capital have turned to less expensive options in the suburbs as urban real estate prices skyrocketed to $5,000 per square meter and higher. Demand remains high, but the rush for affordable suburban land by average citizens and speculators alike is pushing prices for suburban lots to extremes too.
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