Investment Sector: Agriculture

Agriculture & Food, Forestry & Water Management in Ukraine


Agricultural land investment in Ukraine

agricultural_fields_ukraineAgricultural land in Ukraine is one of the best mid and long-term investment opportunities in the world. While many arable land plots worldwide get deteriorated by intensive conventional (chemical) farming practices, Ukraine’s  black soils, aka Chernozem, have managed to stay much less harmed by humanity’s most dangerous and delusive “inventions”: toxic pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers. Ukraine’s diverse farming climatic zones provide an exceptional opportunity for fully-diversified, complete-cycle farming ventures with their own livestock, seed production and premium field crops and row crops production of export-scale harvest volumes. Continue reading


EBRD and World Bank urge policy steps to boost investments in Ukraine’s agriculture

ukraine-agriculture-investmentUkraine has potential to significantly increase food output. Once called breadbasket of Europe, Ukraine’s soil’s agri-ecological potential is only used for 40 percent.

The EBRD and the World Bank called in May 2009 for new government policies to help boost investment in agriculture in Ukraine and so unlock the huge potential the country has to increase farming output. Continue reading


EBRD supports Agricultural Commodity Production and Pre-harvest Financing in Ukraine

logo-ebrdThe EBRD is providing a loan of up to USD 30 million to Ukraine’s Desnagrain, a wholly owned subsidiary of French agricultural cooperative Champagne Cereales, in a move that EBRD believes will support the local [Ukrainian] farming sector. Desnagrain was established in 2006 as a spin-off from a leading European malt producer Malteurop, another subsidiary of Champagne Cereales. Continue reading