Pizza Hut, Burger King & KFC will come to Ukraine?

Ukrainian fast food market has been growing recently with mostly local chains such as Puzata Hata, Trali-Vali, Dva Gusya, Domashnya Kuhnya and a few others gaining more popularity among Ukrainians who prefer home-made dishes to traditional American burgers with fries.

The fast food market reality may soon change in Ukraine though with stronger international competition from Pizza Hut, Burger Kind and KFC which all find their place in the touristic areas all over the world.

AmRest Holdings, a Polish franchise operator of KFC, Pizza Hut, and Burger King in Central and Eastern Europe, is set to purchase a 30 percent stake in Russian fast food chain Kroshka Kartoshka by the end of the month.

Ukraine is one of the most attractive markets for fast food development with popular chains still in shortage across Ukraine’s vast territory. With purchasing power of the Ukrainian population growing rapidly, fast food chains are in the first line to gain millions of customers.

Pizza Hut has extremely high potential of the three new prospective franchises but only if they dare to compete well with the high level of creativity of local players offering traditional Ukrainian food at much lower prices than a most unsophisticated pizza.